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The Combinati Absolute Q platform is the only digital PCR platform with an identical workflow to traditional qPCR. Enhance your nucleic acid quantification without sacrificing precious sample, time, or reagents.

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The Absolute Q reimagines digital PCR by reducing cumbersome steps into a simple workflow identical to that of traditional qPCR. Prepare your sample, load it into the plate and let the platform do all the work. Our patented microfluidic partitioning array allows over 90% of each loaded sample to be analyzed every single run, while the self-contained design avoids cross-contamination. The fix array also ensures consistent partition numbers from experiment to experiment – no more wondering where your sample went at the end of a run. 

Finally, a dPCR platform that actually saves you time, money and samples.

Technology & Benefits

Despite its promise of high quality data, digital PCR has always come with trade-offs – tedious workflow, long time to result, and limited ability to multiplex. These drawbacks have often prevented scientists from reaping the full benefits of dPCR. With the goal of overcoming these barriers in mind, Combinati built the Absolute Q to combine the simplicity of qPCR workflow with the accuracy and precision of dPCR.

Enhanced multiplexing
Four color capability.

Often, interrogating two targets in a sample just doesn’t provide enough information. In the case of precious samples, running parallel experiments that each require their own reference is not an option. By providing four optical channels, the Absolute Q enables highly multiplexed experiments, thus saving samples, reagents and time.

Walk-away workflow
Load the plate and run.

The Absolute Q integrates all the necessary steps for dPCR – partitioning, thermalcycling and imaging – into a single instrument. Simply pipette the reaction mixture into the Microfluidic Array Partitioning plate as you would for qPCR, and the platform will take care of the rest.

Under 90 minute run time
Rapid turn-around.

Long time-to-result is a burden on users that significantly reduces the throughput of a laboratory. The Absolute Q produces data for a routine quantification run in a fraction of time required by the current market leading platform, so you can quickly plan your next move or grab that extra cup of coffee.

Microfluidic Array Partitioning Technology

The foundation of the Combinati Absolute Q platform is the Microfluidic Array Partitioning (MAP) technology. The injection-molded microchamber array allows the loaded reagents to be partitioned into 500pL individual partitions without requiring multiple instruments or manual transfer steps. Additionally, the MAP consumable provides the following benefits:
  • Define the precise volume of each partition through fixed chamber geometry.
  • Divide the samples consistently into 20,000 pre-defined partitions.
  • Analyze greater than 90% of the sample and minimize sample loss.
  • Enable automated handling by using standard plate format.
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What can the Absolute Q do for you?

Our software automatically processes the data to provide you with relevant dPCR results while providing flexible analysis methods so you can work with your data the way you want.

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