Digital PCR just got more reliable

Combinati’s Absolute Q® is the only digital PCR system with unparalleled accuracy and a workflow identical to qPCR.

Absolute Q Digital PCR Platform in the lab
Absolute Q vs the competition

When you see more, you know more.

When looking for a needle in a haystack, would you throw away half of your haystack first? Of course not! Dead volume hurts measurement accuracy and is especially detrimental when looking for low abundance targets. When looking for rare targets in your sample, the more volume you analyze the better chance you have of finding those targets.

The Absolute Q analyzes more than 95% of the loaded sample, making it the most accurate digital PCR platform. Seeing more of the picture means you are less likely to miss or throw away the targets you are looking for.

Absolute Q Digital MAP Plate

The most advanced partitioning technology

The Absolute Q is powered by the patented Microfluidic Array Partitioning (MAP) technology that enables consistent and automated partitioning of the sample into 20,000 microchambers with industry leading <1% C.V. (coefficient of variation). No more struggling to reach 20,000 partitions again.

The unparalleled precision and accuracy of the Absolute Q provides confidence in measurements across replicates and experiments.

Power of dPCR, simplicity of qPCR.

Absolute Q Digital PCR Workflow
Absolute Q Digital PCR Workflow

Quantitative PCR (qPCR) relies on standard curves or references for relative quantification. The inherent variability can result in discrepancies between runs and across sites. This presents a significant challenge for precise and accurate quantification.

Digital PCR (dPCR) overcomes variability and low accuracy by eliminating the need for a standard curve. The Absolute Q consists of just one instrument, consolidating all steps required into a single plate – transforming a multi-step multi-instrument workflow into a 1-step qPCR-like workflow.

Analyze with confidence, use with ease

The Absolute Q Control and Analysis software are designed to complement our intuitive workflow and save you time and effort. Using the control interface, parameters such as plate format, optical channels and thermal conditions can be easily modified so you can start generating data quickly.

Our clean and powerful data analysis suite provides a range of options for processing your data. Whether you’re visualizing multiplexed data or calculating concentrations across replicates, results can be exported for downstream analysis or compiled into an easy to read report in just a couple of clicks.